Genuine tested and approved quality window films


Solar Protection Films

Tinted glass often provides nothing more than an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but contributing little to reducing solar heat gain and glare. Air conditioning is a feature of many modern buildings, but high levels of solar gain can place such a load on plant that they become ineffectual, which may be a problem in computer suites, or escalate energy bills.

Our Window films range of technically advanced solar performance films all year round to combat solar gain and glare, yet allow light to pass through. Tinted or reflective film can add a tasteful and attractive appearance to tired looking buildings, or neutral films will blend into carefully planned design and colour schemes.

The range of window films can be fitted to existing glass or windows to create a simple cost-effective solution to most of the problems of “ordinary” glass.

Our window films are all manufactured from an advanced, optically clear micro-thin polyester. Each one is designed and developed for its special performance characteristics, from safely containing cracked glass to creating “hi-tech” reflective and semi reflective window systems. They’re all extremely tough and durable.

Professionally installed by Approved Installers and warranted against peeling and cracking, internal films have a 10 year guarantee.

The range offers various colours and constructions to:

  • Reject un-wanted solar heat gain
  • Reduce un-wanted solar glare
  • Black damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Provide electromagnetic shielding
  • Improve visual appearance
  • Provide privacy

The range includes reflective, semi-reflective, dual-reflective, neutral tinted and colour tinted finished to change the appearance of the building’ reflective finishes can provide privacy and one-way vision when combined with the correct lighting levels.

Safety & Security Film

Glass is often the weak point of a building vulnerable to attach by vandals, burglars and terrorists or subject to battering by high winds and flying debris. Glass can sometimes turn an everyday accident into a horrific disaster. A child playing and falling near a glass doors, shoppers slipping on ice near a plate glass window.

We offer a range of clear safety films from 100micron to 200micron to suit your requirements. Once fitted this will upgrade your glass to BS 6206A essentially acting like laminated glass Ideal for schools hospitals and care homes

We can also visit your premises and carry out a Regulation 14 glass safety survey to access. If there are any health and safety issues and your glass complies with current building regulations.


Privacy Film

Privacy film creates visual security and privacy. Available in frosted etch coloured and patterned to suit your project. Giving the privacy you require and still letting in natural light.


Manifestation & Graphics

We supply & install DDA compliant glass manifestations by placing markings/designs on the glazing, it makes the glass clearly visible and prevents accidents. Glass Manifestation is required by law.
All glass, partitions & glass doors must be clearly identified to comply with building regulations.
The legislation is in place to, simply, stop people from walking into glass. By placing markings/designs on the glazing, it makes the glass clearly visible and prevents accidents and can change the way your glazing looks.
Internal partition glass could be frosted or etched – choose from full frost to a pattern or design, create eye catching designs, while adding privacy to the level you require.
  • Helps the glass to be seen
  • Reduces the risk of injury or impact
  • Compliance with the current building regulations
  • Available in various design layouts
  • We Can incorporate corporate logo’s and graphics
  • Use as an advertising medium

All our window films are professionally installed and come with a warranty.


Window Blinds

We also offer a range of commercial quality made to measure window blinds:
  • Vertical … Blackout ,dim out sunscreen etc
  • Roller….Blackout ,dim out sunscreen etc
  • Venetian 25mm and 50mm in wood and aluminium In a range of fabrics and styles


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