Barrow offices

On this job we were asked to apply blue solar reflective film to stop solar glare and to create a more asthetic look to building by leaving certain windows clear And we achieved what client wanted and it did improve the buildings look This is just to show that colours are available and can look good depending on the project.

Ebenizer – Chapel/Glasshouse, North Wales

Front windows
The client had a problem inside the church with Heat and Glare, it was south facing and the sun was streaming inside all day causing a number of problems inc overheating and glare on screens.
Our solution was to apply A solar silver reflective film externally. This would reduce glare by 80% and reduce Solar heat gain by 68% creating a more comfortable working environment.
This job was a challenge because of where it was situated on a busy road causing access problems we completed this job in 2 days without issues.

The client was very happy with the result.

N.B window film is normally applied internally as standard on this job it was laminated glass fitted this means if film is applied to inside there is a chance of thermal cracking occurring when the glass holds heat and cracks so for safety reasons and expense we recommend external film on this occasion.

Solicitors offices – Nationwide, Glazed offices

We were ask to supply manifestation stripes for all the offices under refurbishment Roller Blinds and Graphics for painted wall projects were In Birmingham London and Bristol and fitting took place over a number of months They were pleased with results and we continue to receive work from them when required.


This particular job was accommodation for young adults with learning difficulties in Manchester They wanted to make the glazed staircase more private for residents and to cool down the stairwell in summer We achieved just what the client wanted and the finished look was impressive as you can see This was a quite large project it also included bedrooms and bathrooms which we installed frosted film to lower panes and solar reflective film to upper panes creating a good look from inside and out.